Why did rap become popular? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rapid

This is a really difficult question for my generation. There’s a whole section of our group that’s been really, really influential to rap. If we didn’t have that influence, we wouldn’t do what we’re currently doing. So, it’s a really complicated relationship.

You talk about how people got drawn to the sound via culture rather than rap. Could there be a more direct connection between the culture and what you’re doing right now?

You’re absolutely right. There’s a big difference between rap, and the type of music that’s been produced by rap producers. I mean, for the most part, the stuff I make is hip-hop songs, which you know, is really, really hip-hop-ish, but it’s like what is rap music? At the time, there’s no rhyme scheme or anything. It’s more, like, electronic music. It all comes out of this electronic realm. It’s like, I think I’ve been able to bridge the gap between rap and pop culture, and that’s what I do, I make pop music. So what is pop culture? Is it the music? It is hip-hop and pop music, you know. But it’s also made in other cultures, like dance music, or it could be a song written in a different tongue, or it could be a musical type of thing that has nothing to do with rap music.

What’s your advice on aspiring to the success you’re currently experiencing?

I just think, you know, you’ve got to really, really work on your craft. Not just your craft, but your voice, your personality, so if you’ve got that stuff down, it’s hard. You’ve got to go out there and actually play music, but also, you know, really focus. You try and try to work really hard and be really hardworking. And, you know, keep an open mind, and keep trying to figure things out, try new things. If what you’re doing is really good, then it’s almost like a game to you. Hopefully, you’ll get to do a Grammy or something, or a record deal, and that’ll make you very proud.

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