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Diddy and Jay don’t talk about taxes on Sunday morning cable talk. They also have different views on the state of race, religion, and the environment.

It has been almost two weeks now since we reported on a Facebook post by a man claiming to have created the latest and greatest version of the Oculus Rift, in the form of a ‘Lighthouse’ tracked head mounted display (HMD). A number of people around the web, all claiming to be at the receiving end of what they describe as the “best head mounted display ever”, have claimed to be testing out the device by themselves.

It isn’t really clear what their expectations of performance will be, as each reported user seems to be using a different model of the Oculus headset, often a dev kit, whereas it is likely the dev units will be similar to the dev kits on their shelves. What is clear is that no one is quite sure what has happened with the HMD, and if anyone is able to provide any new information on ‘how it works’, we’ll keep our ears tuned and update this piece accordingly.

There have been a few people looking to bring VR closer to the real world, even without the Oculus headset in tow. Those seeking to replicate the effect of the original ‘Oculus Rift’ on the HTC Vive include a number of different methods, so we know that the HMD has not been created from scratch. It has been made to work with existing hardware, but also has additional components for better performance. Many of these improvements can be seen in a number of articles covering the project, including Oculus’ own website.

In addition, some of those using the HMD are looking to develop applications for the device. Some people are also experimenting with head mounted displays (HMDs) in order to enhance the experience of the current VR devices (like the Oculus Rift). While the Oculus Rift is clearly considered the pinnacle of VR, and is arguably the most impressive device of them all, we won’t deny the fact that it is not perfect, both for the user and VR development. That is the reason it is such an intriguing technology, and should make its way to the market at some stage – although the chances of an eventual consumer version are currently fairly slim.

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While it may be too early to tell if this latest ‘Lighthouse HMD’ is the ultimate form of VR, we do know that it does exactly what the Oculus Rift was created for – it takes the best features of both the Rift and the

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