Who started rap? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Instrumental Hymns

[Benny Slava] The man who started rap had a dream that he was going to have it his way in music. He wanted to make a record and everyone else in his neighborhood thought the same thing. So he started recording.

Who made rap? Who is best at rap? Which are the most dangerous rappers that you have ever seen?

[David] “Diamond” Ross.

When did you meet and why did you like him so much?

[Sami] He was the first kid that I wanted. I wanted him because he was a very intelligent person. He had a good attitude, a good sense of humor. He was kind. He had a lot of friends. He was very cool. He was a good kid and I liked everything about him.

He was like an uncle for all the kids but he was different. He wasn’t like other guys.

The rest of the members who came up with the name Diamond Diamond were all cool.

And what were your best experiences growing up? Who was most popular?

[Ric] I liked Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. I always loved the hip-hop music that was coming out of Detroit. And Lil Wayne. It was so much better than Chicago.

[Ariel] Lil Wayne.

[Sami] I never had a lot of friends in the hood. I didn’t have a lot of role models so I had to learn from them.

I had a lot of role models. That’s what it was. That’s how I learned how to be.

And you were very different than the girls?

[Ric] I had a girlfriend at that time. And if I didn’t have a girlfriend she couldn’t have had sex with me.

I didn’t have much to go by when I was younger. My family was poor and if you needed me it was when you were hungry. I had no time for girls.

I didn’t have time for girls. The girls that I liked had been there ever since I was a kid and they didn’t treat me that way.

Why would a person listen to you? And what was it like to be in your position?

[Sami] I was always in the streets so it’s like I had this music so it was always with me. Everybody in my neighborhood really liked me.

When we were in school everybody made

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