Who raps the fastest in BTS? – How To Learn Rap God

How much has he lived in their Seoul, Korea? “What a life this shit, we’re the only ones who get to go on tour. If you could see the rest of you, we’d just be a bunch of kids, you know?”

How does BTS manage to be such the perfect group of guys?

“When we were younger and we were trying to figure out what we wanted to become, we did the rap thing—even though it was a little cheesy, we felt like it was like, this whole thing is about us!” BTS said of their earliest efforts as rappers. “We still had this idea that this was this cool hip-hop sound that we’d made. We didn’t know what we were doing.”

So the first BTS rap was a mishmash of rap influences. They were inspired by the early hip-hop era, from the Detroit-based Beastie Boys to Nas, and they wanted to try to use that as a foundation for their next song, “Spring Day.”

“Our album already had that vibe,” Suga said. “So it was just a matter of finding this sound to keep it unique. That was an important point for us to get to.”

On their second rap, “The Truth About Love,” they made it their mission to make the track their best, making its verses even more impactful. The production sounds like something from The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”—soulful synths and melodies infused with the sound of a 1950s jazz-funk fusion duo.

As the three rappers go on to say, that song was born out of them coming together in the studio, with producer J.O. Smith (K.Flay, Future, Rick Ross). What’s more, they wanted to make sure that the final product sounded different from anything that came before it—and the three rappers did get that.

“It was cool that Jay and I had been friends for a year, and that we could sit side by side and be like, ‘I bet you’re not going to know what this is!’,” Suga explained, adding: “We were like, ‘Yeah, I bet you! It’s so good!'”

But how did they get so confident going into their biggest success, “DNA,”? For that, they pointed to the fact that they spent a long time trying to make it work. Suga said, “We were all trying to make it

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