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The first rapper to get my interest was The Beastie Boys, as it wasn’t until then that I really became interested in rap, and I think they are probably the first true street rap outfit since Public Enemy, and they had the best song titles, the coolest beats, and the craziest ideas all worked together.

It was a group of very talented guys, including one of my cousins and the producer and co-founder of Interscope records, Rick Rubin, who was still a little too cool for my teenage eyes at 16. There were three years before he signed us, and the label was still a small, relatively unknown studio group called AEG, and they were always doing their own thing outside of that. We were all really young kids in that period, but we became really good friends after that.

What was the record called?

Boom Clap: I actually don’t remember. What I do remember is that our main focus at the time was making more records together than anybody else, and we went through a couple different ideas. Then on a friend’s suggestion, we got together a bit late one night in my dad’s studio to start recording “Boom Clap (Remix).” He said, “Oh, you just went there. You should go there. I was gonna get you some records.” We both loved The Beastie Boys and The Clash so much that I was like, “That sounds like something, it’s cool.” The first time I heard them play “Boom Clap” was at the club.

So you have a connection with The Beastie Boys from your family?

Yeah, it’s in our family. It’s in our hearts. If I had something like that that everyone loved, of course we’d be the first one out of that house to download It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Why did it have to be The Beastie Boys?
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We have this thing where whenever we get out to record something, we always play it at our parents’ house. I’ve seen some crazy demos where there was just this amazing cover of “Boom Boom Boom” by The Beastie Boys, and some weird demo with an extended song by the Beatles. It’s always just something they did that was crazy. It always sounds like they were talking about their songs and playing that song at their parents’ house. But I’ve had a lot of friends in the family that have the music,

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