Who is the best rapper ever? – Flocabulary Auth Key

It’s a tough call, especially considering the history between hip hop and rap. There’s no denying that Eminem is one of the greatest MCs of all time. He’s also been labeled by many as the greatest rapper of the 90s, with a much broader audience than many rap fans are familiar with.

Which is one of the best rappers ever?

I’ve never been much of a rap fan before, but I can definitely say that the only rapper that ever sounded more like me, in terms of both delivery and style, was Slim Shady in the 90s. The only rapper in this thread that fits the bill is Jay Z. There’s no arguing that he made some of the best raps that you’ll ever hear. I can’t go against him and not praise him as well.

Which album is the best album ever?

The original Black album. It’s hard to explain to even a non-hip hop fan why this album and its sequels are always so highly rated. It could just be because it was the first to truly define hip hop as an art form. Or its because it was the first album not to get a major label or be banned in many countries. Either way, it’s one of the greatest albums ever!

Which is the worst album ever?

This is not a tough call. Probably no album ever made sounds worse than “The Chronic” even though it’s not really a cohesive album.

Favorite rapper ever?

The two that really stand out to me are NWA and Tupac. And yes, I know Snoop Dogg is a god or whatever. They were still considered in-demand rap artists at the time and would get huge ad campaigns in the days before billboard ads.

Who is the best female rapper ever?

I think Lil’ Kim and Biggie are pretty close.

Who is the best male rapper ever?

This isn’t much of a question but Biggie didn’t reach the level of success that Lil’ Kim did, so yeah, he’s out.

Who is the best rapping white guy ever?

There’s probably not one man that I could say is the greats of all time, but I would say Lil Wayne has the best voice ever. I wish his voice wasn’t such an annoying clang.

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Who is the best rapping female dude ever?

I don’t know about other peoples personal tastes, but if

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