Who is fastest rapper?

– Who is the strongest?

– Who is the most powerful?

– Who do people fear?

– Who is the worst person to come by?

– Who has the biggest balls?

– Why do people listen to you?

– How does your voice feel different?

– What was your first introduction to rap music?

– Who was your first mentor/partner for your career as a rapper?

What had you done when you started out?

– How do you define yourself?

– When would you consider making a comeback?

– What are your goals for your career?

– Why do you have your own studio?

– How has your voice evolved since you became a rapper?


Producer/Host: Javi Mendez

Video Editor: Kevin B.

Editor: Justin S.

Artwork: Javi Mendez Photography

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Interview by: Nick Schager

The Daily Dose was released September 7th, 2011.

The Canadian Press

HALIFAX — The RCMP say they will release the results of their investigation into the death of an Atlantic Canada fishing boat captain who was fatally shot while trying to rescue his crew Saturday morning.

RCMP Maj. Doug MacKay said details will be given publicly as soon as possible.

RCMP Cpl. Mark Johnson, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson and Halifax Regional Chief Bruce McConville are expected to announce Friday night the results of the probe.

In a statement to the media, RCMP Commissioner Paulson said:

“Since our investigation began last week we have been and continue to be concerned about this matter while maintaining the integrity of the investigation.

“The findings of the investigation are not going to be made available to the public until the results are considered complete.”

The boat captain was in the water about 20 minutes outside Halifax on Nov. 16 when he responded to a distress call, MacKay said.

The incident is now under investigation.

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