Who created rap? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rap God Fast

[The Roots, 1997]

What did a man called ‘Eazy-E’ mean in one rap song? [Eazy-E, 1987]

What’s a good song to play after a breakup? [The B-52s, 1999]

What’s a song that should be played in the car on “Saturday Night Live”? [The Roots, 2011]

When did the idea for ‘D.I.C.O.’ come about? [Eazy-E]

How did the Roots get the “B-52s” name? [Black Thought, 2003]

Does ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ have a name? [Drake, 2012]

What songs can you just stand and sing ’till the lights go out?’ [The Roots, 1997]
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Why is there a line in ‘Dirt on My Boots’? [Eazy-E]

Did the ‘Candy’ album go nowhere? [The Roots, 1995]

What’s the song that the DJ, Stevie Wonder, and Eazy-E played on TV? [Drake, 2012]

Why did the “Dirt on My Boots” video have a voice-over and not an actual sound? [Eazy-E]

What’s the most famous thing that could turn into a hit record? [Drake, 2012]

Who has one of the ‘Dirt-on-My-Boots’ songs? [Eazy-E]

On why his new single came out: “Don’t you know when I do a song? When I’m out with the crowd. When I’m up on stage.” [The Roots, 1997]

On a song: “When I was 14 years old, if I’d gotten off that elevator after I’d played ‘Dirt on my Boots’. I had one song out of all my albums. And I said, ‘We don’t have a problem here’. I mean, that’s what my fans want.” [The Roots, 1995, after playing a gig with Eminem]

On ‘Dirt on My Boots’ being so popular: “There was almost a riot when I did it. At the time the radio station was playing ‘Dirt on My Boots’, it was the No. 1 track. People just want to dance when they hear that song. So, I just play that kind of music, and that kinda gets popular.”

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