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Why is it being marketed? And why is it growing so fast? What are the major factors behind the growth? Join us as we breakdown the history and present-day success of hip hop and the pop culture that fueled it. The first half will focus on the music industry, and the second half will discuss what’s behind hip hop today, and what it means to today’s youth. Our panel includes rapper Jay-Z, producer Dr. Dre, former WWE wrestler Sheamus, and WWE CEO Vince McMahon. This is an opportunity for artists and fans to hear from four of the most important people in pop culture and listen to what they have to say. This is a free public radio show, funded by listener donations. It is not affiliated with WNYC, the public radio station that airs the show, or any of its affiliates.

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What is hip hop?

Hip hop as we know it today, which is a group of hip hop groups originating in the south Bronx on Long Island from the late 1970s through the late 1990s, has evolved over the past decade. There has been huge diversity and innovation, from East Coast rap to West Coast rap. From the earliest days hip hop had a unique identity, with different groups and different voices. It’s not just a bunch of dudes talking, and the producers of pop music in the same way. If we had been doing songs 50 years ago, they’d feel very different and you wouldn’t have the same impact.
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What does this show cover?

There are a lot of different topics we will be talking about this show. One of the things I’d like to see are discussions on:

What hip hop culture represents?

What make-up of the industry is responsible for its current success?

What’s the influence of the music industry over the pop culture?

How do we address the culture?

What does pop culture mean to the current youth culture?

How can artists get involved in promoting culture?

When should we be listening?

How do we promote culture?

Are artists as important as they think they are?

Do artists get a fair shake?

Who are our music experts?

What are the major factors behind the growth and success of hip hop?

For those unfamiliar with hip hop and/or pop culture, we will go over the history of the genre, including the rise of the genre

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