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TOMS RIVER, NJ—The city will be forced to issue a sweeping reclassification of a large and influential business as a “nonpublic” business in order to reduce crime, officials announced Thursday.

The changes, which city Mayor Bill Finch called an “unprecedented” and “unfair” attack on the businesses they serve, are needed to allow the businesses to better compete with the neighboring communities.
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“While we have seen a dramatic decrease in violent crime, it’s clear that we need to improve the quality of life for our citizens,” Reese said. “That means improving the quality of life for businesses that provide our citizens with good-paying jobs and income.”

Under Finch’s order, the city of Trenton will not enforce the existing property-tax requirements on the businesses to the extent they exist. This includes not paying sales-taxes on goods sold from the establishments to the city. However, the City’s Office of Regulatory Affairs will be allowed to investigate alleged violations of the new laws.

“The new laws won’t stop anyone from getting into a gunfight or selling drugs, but it does ensure all of our citizens have a better chance of getting their weekly paycheck, and the business community benefits from that extra income from the tax base,” Finch said.


The mayor said he hopes the new conditions will help bolster the economy of the city in the years ahead. However, the law will also have a financial impact on local merchants, such as the restaurant Kafe Kafe, that will no longer be able to collect certain sales taxes and other fees.

Finch has said the changes will help improve both crime and the quality of life in Trenton.

“While violent crime and drug use are down, I am afraid some of us are living on borrowed time,” Finch said. “I’ve always said—and I intend to prove—that the citizens of Trenton have a right to a good quality of life. Let me be more specific: Trenton now has the right to ask you, our citizenry, to help reduce crime. By changing your property-tax rate,

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