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(2) Do you like kids with big noses?

(3) Do you eat ice cream for breakfast?

(4) Do you make a lot of noise when you’re sleeping?
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These answers are so random, and yet you can guess the answer by reading them. How convenient is that?!

The answer to the above questions is probably this:

1.) Do I like kids with big noses?

2.) Do I eat ice cream in the morning?

3.) Do I make a lot of noise when I’m sleeping?

4.) Do I drink a lot of milk?

I bet everyone knows what the answer to the last question is. This is a simple way to get all the points for having a good life and being comfortable in your own skin.

These 4 points of life are:

1.) Living the life you want to live.

2.) Living in a comfortable mood.

3.) Not having to stress out about things.

4.) Having a great body — and a nice body — to do it.

These are the reasons why you can look at this entire page and be more confident in your life:

1.) You’re living in a comfortable mood.

2.) You’re not having to worry about the things you should already be working on.

3.) You’re not having to worry about people judging you for who or what you are.

4.) You have a great body.

You can go to the next level by simply knowing the word on a piece of paper that represents them, and you’ll have them easily, if not immediately, in mind while they’re reading this article.

So what are the 4 points of happiness?

1) Have a good body.

2) Have a nice body.

3) Have a nice body for your age.

4) Feel good about that body, so good that you’re never bored of it.

This is a great way to know your life’s major points, and why living one of the following 4 points of happiness is important to you. The best thing about these four points is that they’re easy enough to figure out by simply looking at them. So next time you’re reading this article, try to do some extra research. You will be amazed at how quickly you can find them if you pay attention.

So let’s say I

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