What word rhymes with hamburger?


2:42 — Here he is.

3:35 — This guy isn’t a fan of this show.

4:45 — “Dude, you were wearing a dress. It’s a dress and you were a woman. You gotta cut it.”

5:09 — And here he is, the big winner from the first round.

5:52 — I guess he’s just as shocked as everyone else was?

6:11 — They’re running out of time, so he’s going to take off his suit and just walk around the stage and leave the women alone.

6:28 — They have a bunch of microphones and cameras, but they just don’t understand what this man needs to say.

6:37 — Finally, the man who doesn’t want to hear this. But he can’t stop talking about himself.

6:57 — When the stage is empty, they can’t get over him. Every time they talk to him, they hear this.

7:11 — He’s wearing a dress that he has to buy himself out of by wearing it again or something.

7:33 — He doesn’t want to talk about his wife. He wants to talk only about himself. It’s sad, really. A man who has nothing in this world can be so narcissistic.

7:44 — At this point, things are getting weird.

9:11 — I don’t know if he wants to talk about his wife so he can go home and do it, or he just likes doing it.
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9:30 — He wants some time alone with his thoughts. You can tell because he doesn’t really have any other ideas.

9:34 — I wish all these fans here were really excited to hear him say this. There’s just something really interesting about these guys.

9:36 — These two guys are obviously the fans of the show.

9:42 — I love how he says “cute” because he knows how cute he is.

10:07 — I remember once talking to a woman in a bar at the bar, and I said: “You’re a cute lady.” And she asked me, “How do you know?” And I told her that she looked exactly like me.

10:38 — She said she looks exactly like me and I said, “Uh-huh.” And then I