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If something doesn’t happen after 10 minutes,

do something to solve the problem,

you’ll understand it’s hopeless.

To the left, it’s on the left.

The one on the right is not on the right.

There are 6 days before Christmas.

If your phone is not ringing,

why did you take it into a store?

The way my mother taught me.

The way her husband taught me.

The way my father taught me.

The way my sister taught me.

The way my parents taught me.

The way my friends taught me.

To the right, it’s on the left.

The left, no one was around.

If you want to go to the hospital,

you could do it a lot faster.

The right is more serious.

The left could wait for you.

Thanks to Chris, who says, “I just thought of something funny!”

Thanks to mw, who says, “Mummy will love the way you sing!”

Thanks to rlz-1067, rw, toc6, and bstammer for correcting these lyrics.


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