What word rhymes with hamburger? – How To Flow On Any Beat

hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, hamburger

Did you hear that? It’s like the song “We’re So Sorry” with different lyrics.

There you go, kids! If I didn’t know better, I would probably say, “You know what I saw on that thing? Something that looked like an hamburger.” And I would say, “Gosh, that sounds like a real hamburger.” And I would say, “OK! I need to run home to my mom and tell her that there’s an object that looks like a hamburger in the woods.”

There is something in the woods that looks like a hamburger, but where does it come from?

A guy named Jack came along, and he was working in a store in the county where I live, and one night when he was walking around, he saw something. He had never seen a hamburger before. Jack, I promise you, was a burger expert. And Jack, I’m sure, had many hamburgers over the years, so after a while of looking around, he saw something. There’s one in particular, and he noticed that it had some kind of a shape, and so he called his supervisor over. But before any of the staff could tell him about the hamburger, Jack suddenly dropped into a coma. He stopped breathing, turned blue and died.

That’s one of the first things I learned about hamburgers.

One day the hamburgler showed up at the store. It was a beautiful woman, and she came to meet Jack. She asked him what he wanted, and he said, “I want a hamburger,” and she said, “Yeah, you are one, I’d like to have one for myself.” “Oh, of course,” he said. “I can hardly believe it, I’ve never seen a hamburger before; how do you do it?” “By putting two hamburgers together,” she said. “So I had the hamburgers and the meat, and it was just like what you had for lunch?” “Well you know, it doesn’t matter what I’m eating, I’ll just eat whatever you don’t have, and then if I have anything left, I’ll take it and we’ll go eat it. I never get full after I eat it. It just disappears.” “So, you say it turns into a hamburger?” “Yes.” “And what happens when you put it all together

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