What was the first rap song ever? – How To Learn Rap God Lyrics Fast Part Of Rap

The first rap song was “Buckwild” in the United States in the early ’70s, by the Harlem MC MC, MC Shan. It was called “Buckwild” because the words were written on three little pieces of paper taped to the floor in the studio, and the first time we heard it we thought it was really, really catchy. When it got to the United Kingdom and the United States in the ’80s, that’s when I started getting into rap music. So this is called “The Game” but I started getting into “Game” when I was in high school. I was working at a clothing store down in Queens and I got to go to one of these New York rap records, and I was like, “Yo! My homie got a hit, I’d go to work and get the records back.” I thought this is cool – that’s how I started getting into music.

Which is the better rap album?

(Laughs) That’s a tough one. But to me, if you want a better answer, I can pick up a song and it just goes crazy. I really respect the work that Dre has put out. And if you’re in the city to see the show, you saw people dancing and dancing in the streets – it’s a very beautiful thing. It’s something I definitely relate to. The game is just crazy and if you want to know what’s cool, you can go watch it on the Internet or you can go watch it with your friends. The show is something you have to be a part of. My favorite rap album is “Life’s a Bitch” by Tupac. I really love that song. It’s got a lot of things that have to do with me growing up from a young age – like I was in a gang and my mom was a gangster, and she was going around robbing people and stealing things – and she was actually a really big influence in my life. But she was also always an independent black woman in that part of the country. So you can really watch it and kind of pick up on what’s happening in that part of the country. I definitely love that album.

What does “Game” say to you about what it means to be a black man now? It’s kind of a coming of age story, or in this case a coming-of-age story about the life of a young black man, a man who is making his own name in the rap industry

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