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With what do we feel satisfied? With what have we found satisfaction? To what end? And from what heights does freedom rise? With what are we destined? Is there anything else, the only thing that concerns us, what is it that enriches us? What do we aspire to? To what end?

I think, my young friends, that the purpose of this meeting is to discuss and debate issues related to freedom that are important to you. I think that you should invite one person from each of the following groups to speak and to participate in this discussion.

First, the freedom of expression, of free exchange and association.

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There are many cases of individuals who claim to exercise their own freedom of association. They might take their family as their principle source of support, and they may even be members of a political party. There are, or were, many social movements that asserted that individuals would never be denied freedom of assembly. But such demonstrations are of no value in terms of social organization.

We find a similar problem with respect to the freedom of expression. We can find many individuals who exercise their freedom of association to express their views in political activity. These discussions, however, take place in a way that is often very limited. No-one claims that individuals have the right to go into any factory and disrupt it, to boycott a firm, to protest against a teacher, a police officer, a politician, etc. And no-one wishes to deny them the opportunity to discuss and debate their own views. But, although individuals should be free to express and discuss their views, they should never do so in a way that undermines the freedom of others.

If we want to free ourselves we have to understand why this freedom of expression of the public, of all of us, occurs. In a well-ordered society, we should not have to fear violence from private individuals or groups, but should fear and understand the state. And, if society is to be able to exist, we must be able to take the risk of participating in this debate, we should never be stopped by the police. And, if a community is to be successful, it has to have the capacity to educate itself, to be able to learn the lessons from past mistakes, and to respond to new information. These are two essential aspects of social order. I believe, therefore, that free expression is a key component of freedom in the long-run. We cannot allow society to be destroyed from within, if we are to

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