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Me. I like to think you already know.

3) So What’s that Like??

This is kinda like what we should have done in the game anyway so… yeah, this is kinda like you’re not playing anymore either. I think that’s what I like to just say… I don’t know… I’ve kind of said it for the last couple years to people but when you’re going a million miles an hour and you know you’ll win in 10,000 times out of 10,000 games. There’s nobody else out there who is going to have the same opportunity to do that. He’s not going to be around and the game is going to go on forever. I’m happy for him, though. He’s a cool kid for me.

4) So What Was That Like in the Moment??

I remember the moment. As soon as I heard, I felt that I could play this game. I was in it and feeling so confident in that moment that I got up out of bed and I thought about that night of that first game that I lost. I was thinking about that moment that I gave up and went on to be a rap player and I felt like that was the game. You can’t just lose and feel great. I went back and listened to that game over and over and over again until I listened to it again with my headphones in and I felt like this is my game. I’ve been so inspired from the first game that I lost and that I was gonna win that game in the end. I really got inspired from that. That’s when that dream started coming true.

5)”I’ma Take My Ball And Go”

You didn’t win that year, right?

Yeah, I didn’t.

Why did you put it on that track?

It’s one of my better songs because I thought “I’ma Take My Ball And Go.”

What about the track “Rappers on Mars?” That one is good too, too.

Yeah, I liked it.

You’re always in the studio… where does that come from?

A friend of mine was working on some songs and he was going to put them out and I told him “You can put them out. Do you want to put them on your label?” “Nah, I don’t know. I’ll do it when I get done with my album.” That’s the situation I was in. It

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