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What rapper has Lil first? Lil B has been first. Lil B has been first. Lil B has been first,” she wrote. “It means that Lil B is on fire… Lil B is killing it for us. This can’t be real. Lil B is really, really, really, really, REALLY good at what he does and this is the first time anybody has seen it.”

The lyrics continued: “And if anyone asks why I let the lights down… because I love Lil B so much…I will tell you why I let the lights down. And you can hear that Lil B is killing the beat.”

Lil B’s name has been trending during the day, as it became the first artist to have seven Top 40 hits in one day on the Hot 100. His record-breaking run has drawn comparisons to the legendary Run-DMC, who had seven Top 40 hits during the same span.

After he completed his single with Katy Perry on Sunday (Feb. 26), Lil B took to Instagram (TWTR) to post a picture of his mom wearing a Lil B shirt “to be honest, I wasn’t ready to be that way.”

He later wrote on Twitter: “So sorry if it looked like I was down.”

AUSTIN – Texas Republican Greg Abbott has officially joined Sen. Ted Cruz in calling for the resignation of FBI Director James Comey.

Abbott’s comments come after President Trump fired Comey as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday. Abbott wrote in a letter to fellow state legislators on Wednesday that the acting director has “troubling conflicts of interest.”

After an ongoing probe into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, Abbott wrote that Comey’s “actions raise many of questions about the independence of his office.”

“The actions of Mr. Comey in July 2016 raise serious questions about the timing, nature, and circumstances under which Congress or the American people would be made aware of important pieces of information, particularly those that may directly pertain to an investigation by Congress into an ongoing intelligence operation,” he wrote.

“As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas and a former Director of the FBI, Mr. Comey is charged with upholding the law in our justice system and enforcing the Constitution of the United States.”

Abbott and Cruz are two of several Republicans calling for the resignation of Comey, who has previously testified before Congress.
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“The director of the FBI was elected to lead the country

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