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The English words that contain the Latin roots for dew are:

dew, dew-

What does dew tell you about the weather?

The weather is a good way to learn about the weather, particularly in dry environments. The word dew is often found in many English-language phrases to describe the weather:

It’s raining cats and dogs; it’s getting hot.

It’s going to rain; you better look for cover.

How much does it rain? It usually dries out.

There’s much more than a bit of rain. Lots of rain.

The English word for rain is rain, not dew.

When I first came out as a member, the LDS Church has made some changes, which has been a great relief. I have been given many opportunities to help promote the gospel, especially with youth, women, and missionaries, and I have seen amazing change in people who are choosing the Church to be one that they can be part of. But this is only the first step. There are still many obstacles. In general there are issues that still need to be addressed, such as sexual abuse, divorce, and issues around gender equality. These issues aren’t going away, yet many of our church members are having these issues and are not experiencing them in a healthy, loving, and spiritually meaningful way.

I would love to invite you to participate at this meeting; we discuss a few of these issues. It could be you’re a young woman looking for answers to some of these issues, or perhaps you’re a young man who is trying to understand the Church.

I want to give you an opportunity to share how you feel, and hear your stories from how you’ve been a student, a father, a husband, or anyone else. I would love for you to share and hear from them, and I would also love to hear your thoughts from your personal experience.

In addition I will make a point of sharing the importance of being mindful of the Lord’s ways. Being mindful is critical to us as Latter-day Saints. As a Church we are required to think from a place of love, to love one another by our mutual gifts. Let’s be mindful as the Church moves forward with being a loving, inviting community. Thank you!

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