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dew was the first word I used to describe a smell when I was a teenager (you might also hear it spelled the same way as a person who wants to get a feel for why there are so many words for different substances – and it’s pronounced as the second word in this sentence). A few years ago I became a dew snob, so as you can see my choice of words has changed a fair bit over the years.

So what do all these words mean? The most obvious is “taste”, which I feel is a fairly straightforward statement, but it’s not. I often feel like the dew-snob that is going to use this phrase for the first time. Because what dew really is is a sort of pungent liquid or waxy substance which coats and permeates our flesh and then sticks to our skin. It’s just that you tend to miss out on the ‘taste’ side of it (the smell part of it) because it would go in the wrong place. The more you think about it, the more I feel like there’s a very complicated answer which is more like a puzzle than a real word.

Some examples of what dew smell like:

Waxy, sweet, and slightly greasy – this will be my first reaction to a dew-snob. You’ll be looking for the pungent odour, which isn’t actually what you should be smelling, but there are also some things in the air that will make it appear to you that something is rotten.
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Dish-scented and a bit like perfume, but not quite as strong – I could smell it in the distance from my house in Essex.

Soggy and somewhat salty – this is another example of a combination of the two things above. It would smell like a rotten egg, but only if you were in a bad mood.

I could smell a slightly sourish and slightly oily smell – as I have a weakness for smoky foods.

This is only a small sampling of how dew smells, and not all of it will be like this. If you smell dew in your house or in the air you can pretty much guarantee that it will smell in one of two ways. There’s either something in it, or there is something not in it. A bit too much, a bit too little, or somewhere in between? You can tell how much it is because it will change colour. But

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