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Rapper Jay-Z has a salary of the average hip-hop rapper at about $20 million per year. Most of the rappers who are in the top positions like Lil Wayne and Ice Cube don’t make much. But there are a few rappers who make quite a lot.

A rapper has to be very fast with their bars in order to get the attention of the fans. The first part of their rap career is very critical. It’s important to know that the rappers that make a living can also make a lot.

A rapper who can produce their own music is very difficult to make a living of. Because that requires being a very talented musician. But you don’t want to have a successful rapper because then you’re wasting your life.

Jay-Z has the ability to produce his songs and he has more money than anyone. How is he able to do it?

Jay-Z has a lot of good sources of money to support his rap career. His family was successful and the biggest thing he had was the fortune that his father left him. He didn’t go to school because his father wanted the best for him.

He grew up in a poor neighborhood in the Bronx and had to go out and earn all his money. But it worked out and he is not only a successful rapper, but a very rich person. He has a whole different life now. He is very well off in life.

If he would have continued to use street drugs and go to jail he’d probably be dead now. But because he has a very good family he has a great place to live now.

Many people can’t say how they make their money now since every day you get a new record, new album, new film, new TV show and every single thing else that they want.

So what is a good way for a young person to make money if they can’t be a millionaire?

There are three steps in making money: 1. Music: This is definitely the first step.

2. Money: Money gives you fame and attention.

3. Work: Work in certain jobs gives you money to spend.

So if you want to be successful as a rapper or an actor, you are going to need to work.
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The biggest problem in Hip Hop right now are the rappers who are not getting any respect. Because you don’t want to be called a thug. When that happens you don’t get the respect you deserve

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