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I went to school for my music and I have a bachelor’s. I was a musician so I can’t really be considered a musician, but I do live in the studio as well. I have been doing music since I have been a teenager which makes me very humble and doesn’t really make me feel like I have to be some rich artist.

I started singing with a band called Fountaingrover in junior high when I was 14 years old. They were all guys. I was the only female in a three man band and we had very big audiences, and I wanted to be like them. I started getting gigs. My friend and I would go to a local show on our walkman, and we would make the song for the audience in the back. My friend had a really great voice and I would mimic it. Every time I got a new song I would start from scratch so I could mimic the voice better.

I had so much success. I was on MTV, I was on K-Pop groups all over Asia. We never put out a record until I was 21, but that’s when I realized I could be a pop star. It was a dream come true. My first album came out when I was 22, and I was really nervous that I would stop singing. Everyone was like, “Ah you shouldn’t stop singing. You’re a great singer.” I was like “I’m gonna sing this new song, and that’s it. It’s my turn to be a superstar.” I became a pop star but I didn’t know if I would do well anymore. But I did. It wasn’t easy at first…I couldn’t be the first one to say they would do a remake of “Hot Hot Heat” [Hangul: 재데도하는 그나]. I thought I would be a pop star forever. I was working hard to become the new generation.

Is it true that you only got one album out?


So you can’t do any remixes until you can do one album, right?

Yeah. We do try to get a new album out about once every 2-3 years but we only got one…We got one single. [Laughs]

Your second one is probably coming too soon?

Yeah, it’s coming in September. Maybe, but I don’t know. [Laughs]

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