What is MC in rap? – Easy Rap Dances To Learn

Like, you know I’m not really hip hop, I’m a rap nerd,” he said. “So when I first heard it, I thought this is shit that I can relate to, that people can relate to.”

Dizaster said he started experimenting with his rap because he didn’t necessarily enjoy the genre because of its stereotypes and the fact that it didn’t relate to his life.

One of his favorite MCs to listen to on the podcast is Nas. Dizaster said he’s a big fan of Nas because, for him, the MC is “one of those people who does more than just say a lot of shit, he actually gets you emotionally involved with the content, and it’s not just ‘Yeezus has this new song.'”

“He’s a guy that gets you emotionally involved and puts you on a journey of life,” he added. “Sometimes people don’t like these lyrics because they’re just being a rapper, but I respect the fact that he’s making those statements even though he’s not saying anything really new or interesting.”

To Dizaster, hip hop is about exploring ideas through the use of language, but he also wants the listeners to feel like they’re a part of the song. He knows it can be hard for some rappers to do this, he said, particularly rappers that take a more straightforward approach. While the MC often puts out simple lyrics that are short and sweet, Dizaster said rappers must take risks in his opinion on how they express themselves in hip hop. He said they need to be careful in how they think things through.

“They need to be conscious of what they say,” he said about the rappers. “When I think of the great MCs in this game like N.W.A, Tupac and 2Pac … I don’t think of them as MC’s. I think of them as artists that you need to pay attention to when you’re listening to these artists. You need to listen to their words and you need to realize what the artist is saying.”

At the end of the day, though, Dizaster said, rappers need to take risks that don’t necessarily involve the music itself. The MC said rappers need to be bold and they need to be bold when it comes to expressing themselves.

“Rap is the most personal thing there is, and if you want to represent that — if you want to be the next Nas, the next Young Jeezy, the next Kanye

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