What is a bar in rap? – Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Intro Youtube

A bar is basically a place that sells beer. You go to a bar, and you just want to order a beer. The bar may have certain beers, but it’s a bar. You want to drink a beer. I’m from Brooklyn, so it’s pretty popular. It’s hard for me to go down there because I’m from Staten Island. I love Brooklyn. But I’m from another place. I’ve been to Brooklyn a lot. There is always a reason, even when you’re from Brooklyn, why you want to go to Brooklyn. I like it.

Do you think being in a bar is a good thing?

I like it. You go to a bar to drink a beer. The people are nice. There’s a lot. I like it. I like some of the younger rappers. And those are all things I’ve come to respect. There are a lot of people that come to a bar and get drunk. They’re not necessarily trying to make a move. It’s one guy that you can sit or sit down and have a beer with. It’s a place for the people. And that’s an amazing thing, to see it. Now, there are so many bars, I’d rather keep myself away. That’s good. It’s my opinion.

Where would you rather hang?

In a van.

How do you like your music?

Well, I’m a very melodic rapper. So you could say that I’m like a house music producer. It’s kind of like music that I’ve got a little bit of a thing for. When I was in my teens and 20s, that’s what I was doing. Just being that melodic and singing around a room, and I feel like that might be more my thing.

I hear you’re still active in the music industry, and I hope that’s what keeps you busy.

Well, I’m on a major record deal. I’m working on a couple of things at the moment. So I’m definitely keeping busy.

What’s your favorite thing about rap?

Well, I just always have a problem, it’s never an easy thing to answer that question right now. Not with a straight face, but yeah, it’s just the music. It’s just so cool. But yeah, I get tired of making things from my mind. I love rap music, but it’s always, “Oh, that’s so far. What

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