What do bars mean in rap?

Many rap songs start with the words “bar”, and this is often followed by “bruh riddim”. The rhyme can also be shortened (see “Rihanna” entry below).

How do bar lines end? (Note: Rotten tomatoes and other phrases ending in -t were included in this article as their names were often used in rap lyrics, but for technical reasons we omit these).

In the final line of the verse, usually the second line, the rapper will usually pronounce the word “bar” “bang”, and the word “riddim” “ri-dim.”

When does bars end? (Note: In some lyrics the word “bar” ends up as the last syllable of a line, when a similar syllable is seen in a song’s final line. We do not consider these syllable changes to be part of a single bar, rather they are part of a more detailed rhyme scheme. It is also possible for bars to start with a “bar”, like when rap is talking about someone making a purchase, and a “bang” can appear in the syllable used to begin a new line.)

How do bars in rap end?

Rip. Don’t rip. – RJD2

The second line has two words in common with the first line, but with a slightly different rhyme scheme: the first line’s second line ends with the word “Rip.” The syllables “Rise” and “Dime” appear in the initial syllable “Rid,” not the “Rip.” In the second chorus, an “Rid-Dime” rhyme replaces the “Ride.” If you hear a rap verse that only uses the words “Rise” and “Dime,” it may be because the second line was meant as a bridge to the first line — as in the lyrics for the second verse of “How We Do” (not to be confused with “How We Do”, from Eminem’s debut album):

Ride, Rise or Dime Ride, Ride, Rise or Dime (I can never keep up with your ride, but please don’t blame me)

It’s a common practice for rappers to begin their verse with the word “Ride,” but once they reach the end of the line, they end it by saying “Dime.” Rap lyrics generally have to be more succinct than the normal lyrics, but at the same time, the