What do bars mean in rap? – Learn Eminem Fast Part Rap God

Bar is another word for a small crowd. You have to be good at a certain thing to make people dance.

Why is he being so sarcastic about Jay Z’s bars? He wants to be in New York!

How will he be featured in “Jefe” for the first time?

There’s a chance that he could have his own song on the tape. We know it’s gonna be really good because we just put him in one of the songs on the tape. He really knows how to put his shit together.

What can fans expect from this new tape?

The tape is gonna have a bunch of new samples. We have a lot of good songs and stuff that we got going on.

Why don’t you guys record with artists like Kanye, Drake?

It’s really complicated. It’s kind of been a tough pill to swallow.

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By: Jay Hsu, Research Associate

The most basic concept of electricity is that it is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy can be converted directly into electricity because a current can exist without resistance. However, the problem is that the “currents” (and therefore the charging points) can only be of the right kind of nature, and this depends on the electrical properties and characteristics of the equipment, the operating conditions, and the power characteristics of the equipment.

At the time of this writing (2013), it’s generally assumed that the electric potential difference between devices is equal to the distance between the charging points. Since the charge difference for a conductor is equal to its surface area squared and each point represents a certain amount of energy, a conductor is regarded to be a “voltage sink.” The surface area of a conductor can be described as

\(Kd = 1.414 x 10 -9 / V, \ )

where K is the KiloElectricity unit and V is the voltage (hence “voltage sink”).

The charging points can be represented by a curve of conductivity, denoted by the following equation:

\(P = v \sqrt{2} r, \)

where P is the potential difference between a charge and an anode, v is the voltage of the source (in volts), r is the distance between the source and the charging points, and v is known as the voltage drop.

A voltage drop indicates

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