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In some cases, “bars” can mean a group of rappers, groups or songs, a beat, or any number of other synonyms. However, these are all just synonyms that have been re-defined and reworked. So, if, by “batteries” people mean a group of songs and “batteries” mean a group of rappers, then obviously “batteries” is the right answer, but then why do bars mean “rebel”?

There are many other synonyms for “bar” in rap and there are many variations of these definitions. For example, in the “Havoc” song, “Bar” is often referred to as “break.” In the “Tha Carter IV” song, “Sway (Sway)” is also a synonym for “batteries.” And when you listen to the “2Pac Vs the World” song in question, it is very clear it means “batteries.” The meaning of all the synonyms is similar, and most rappers will use it because its in the rap code.

So if you hear a rapper speaking with a certain rhythm or rhyme style or speaking in a certain way, it can give you some clues as to what he is talking about but it’s still just a guess unless you see what he is actually saying. But there is a different kind of clue you can usually find while a listener hears your favorite rappers’ lyric and you can find it by listening to that artist or group of rappers. It’s called the “discover.”

So, I have compiled this playlist of “discover” songs that are frequently, and often, used by rappers, as well as the most common and popular uses of the word “dis-.” These are my finds:

1. “Dire”

by YG and Big Daddy Kane

(The best single on YG’s new album.)

2. “M.A.A.D City” by Eminem

M.A.A.D City is not on the playlist, but I love the beat of the song.

2. “Cha Cha” by Lupe Fiasco

A lot of guys who rap are fans of Lil’ Wayne, but I love the phrase “cha Chi” because that’s what it looks like.

3. “Wanna Do It” by Common

I like the way Common uses the word “doughnut” and

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