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The rap world is filled with “bouts,” “buses,” and “busts” in short. Most of these terms are interchangeable – they mean something different depending on who uses them. If you’re unfamiliar with “bouts” (also referred to as “reaches,” “busts,” and “pops”), the term refers to a brief, brief burst of energy, usually associated with a quick release of both vocal chords and body. These bursts of energy (or bursts of energy, depending on who has used the term) have become a big part of hip-hop’s recent resurgence to the masses.

There are no standard definitions for these terms at this point – what’s commonly known as a “bout” could be an extremely short, brief, or completely chaotic, and sometimes it was meant only as a description of what happened or what could have happened to anyone during a particular time period (such a “bout” was common for songs like “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”); what’s commonly known as a “bout” could mean nothing at all at all!

So when do bars get their names, and how many names are there? The answer isn’t pretty – there are many definitions to consider, or at least there’s not one definitive, accepted, definitive, or standard format to use. As mentioned in one of our earlier blogposts, a few things can be “sources of debate and differing interpretations”, and these have a direct impact on how much we consider a particular song:

The original song or album

As discussed in our earlier post, we believe that this is a very important decision for any hip-hop fans to make. The reason for this is because we believe that it’s important that we understand what is, is not, and what some would consider are different forms of hip-hop – from the music to the style of language used – it’s vital that we understand where hip-hop is coming from when we consider hip-hop.

This is the same reason why we feel it’s important for us to have a consistent format – the only way for us to know what hip-hop is is by understanding everything about it – we’ve written this series of posts, and we want you to know everything (including some of the “hard” questions we get asked), whether you’re the sort of person who likes to “call names” or prefer not to go “all the way” – but we want to know what

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