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Here you will find a guide to the different types and features of bars.


Bars are usually divided into two types: those that are loud and those quieter – those that are quiet.

Here’s a short video to explain:

There is one difference between loud and quiet bars: you need to pay attention to what is being played!


Bands are usually defined by one, two, four or five keynotes (or a combination of these, see below):

A C E G B E A G# C# G The notes of the key of the band are listed below: C-E D# E F# G A

Below are the key notes for a standard bar:

Ab C B G C# D E D#

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(See our guide for all the notes of the key of a song: Key notes for most jazz bars).

Key signatures (key signatures)

A note is said to be the key of a band if it is the only note in the song.

Here is a list of key signatures: Ab Cb Bb Eb E Dor G Eb Ab C Eb G

Below is a list of bar key signatures for blues blues, rock, and jazz tunes:

A-Eb Ab-F Ab-Ab-Bb F-Ab-F# A-Bb F-Abd Ab-Ab D-Bb Ab-En A-Abb

To learn the key signature of a song, see the list below:

A-F# B-Bb Ab-C Ab-C# D-Bb Ab-D Ab-F Ab-Ab

For more help with key signatures, here is a helpful website: Keys for a tune.

Note that the notes of a chord can be listed in any key, if they are in the same key as the chord.

If a chord is played in an A major chord, the notes on the first and third bar of the song will be in an A major key. You’ll hear the chord in bars 2 and 3 of Coda, after the end of the intro.

For more help with chord charts for a particular tune, check out our chord charts for major and minor chords.

Other notes

You might see different versions of the B.B. King song “I Know You Rider”. Here are the notes:


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