What are 16 bars in rap?

They are bars that are “about” things that you don’t necessarily enjoy, but you do want to listen to, because, for example, “My Boo” is a pretty good rap song about a man who has a “bumbo” girlfriend, but it is also about a man with more of a relationship with his mom (or a wife).

15. Don’t be afraid to say why (and when). When a fan does something stupid, don’t be afraid to call them out when they’re wrong — even if you don’t feel comfortable telling them why. You know who can really appreciate that? The guy making the mistake — not you.

16. Be patient. There is no “right time to speak out.” Be ready to change your opinion if a new thing comes up or if something comes up that has an impact on you in a way that you hadn’t anticipated before. When you’re listening to a rapper, it’s hard to know what the future holds for you or how your opinion will affect him. So take a step back. Try and think about what he is trying to say and how you can change the way you see it, without changing your opinion of him.

17. Keep it real. Rap is not just about the music. As in the beginning, the music is just another form of expression for this generation trying to communicate an idea to people. Think of the lyrics as an extension of what you believe and what you are trying to communicate the ideas to: that if you work hard, you can get where you want to go in life. Keep your opinions and feelings about a song to yourself, and you’re fine. And sometimes, if you’re listening to a song for the second time, just skip it — it’ll be more impactful (and for that person, a better listening experience).

The city is on its last leg and the water is starting to rise again. The people of Flint—at long last—have a message for the governor and city government: We are on your side!

Flint residents have a message for the state of Michigan.

As the water slowly recedes from the ground, the state is now scrambling to get the water back.

The city is being told that, under state law, it can only get the water it needs if it starts an in-flush process every half hour, which means the water must be in some kind of drinking water, and if the water isn’t, the city will have