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While there has been no word yet as to who will be taking over Suga’s spot at The Game, his new crew, which is called the Suga Mafia and includes fellow Big Hitters Big Jazzy and The Rock, The Game is definitely one of the producers everyone is talking about.

UPDATE: Suga has announced via Twitter that he has left the group for a solo career:

In an interview with HipHopDX, The Game revealed that his exit from The Suga Mafia was a mutual thing. “It’s a mutual thing,” he said regarding the split. “The whole thing has nothing to do with my personal business. This wasn’t a real partnership. It felt like a mutual thing. If you’re doing what you love doing, that’s what you’re gonna do. It’s not like I was trying to start my own crew or anything, it was just about creating something that I’m so inspired by, so I couldn’t say no to it.”

If it’s true, this definitely isn’t a bad thing. And who wouldn’t want to have their own crew? Suga’s music has some pretty big hooks to boot, so it’d be great to see him get his solo out there as well. Let us know in the comments what you think of the split.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption “The new face of Islam,” read a banner showing a smiling Muhammad

Muslim leaders in Indonesia have criticised the arrest and conviction of three men on blasphemy charges.

The men had been arrested on suspicion of insulting Islam on Facebook and on Tuesday were found guilty.

A judge sentenced them to death and said the sentence was not discriminatory. His conviction triggered protests from angry demonstrators. Sight Words Level 1 DVD by Rock 'N Learn: 60 ...

The three are accused of blasphemy after images of Muhammad were published on Facebook.

The three men had been due to stand trial in Jakarta on Tuesday after being arrested in September 2013.

They are:

Muhammad Yassif Nour, 55, a former Islamic school teacher

Sayed Mohamad Saiful Hadeed, 34, a newspaper columnist

Yassif Yemini, 48, a Muslim student

Hadeed Yamin Saiful Hadeed, 55, a human resources consultant


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