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Is it a genre for hip-hop fans?

It is a genre. It is not for everyone at all. Is it a genre for hip-hop fans?

No. It’s not the genre you want for hip-hop fans because it will make you hate rap because you’re not listening to hip-hop music or it’ll make you not like hip-hop because you don’t like hip hop — what I mean is that is not the same thing as being a genre for hip-hop fans.

You know what that sounds like to me? It sounds like, “We’re going back to the way things were, we’re going to give you an old song, we’re going to put it on repeat.”

Well, you’ve got to remember, Rap is a way of life, the way we do things is unique, so that is a completely different mindset and different genre. So that if you want to talk about genre as being a way of life, which it isn’t, then you go to hip-hop where that is what we do. Is it a genre for hip-hop fans? No. Rap is a way of life. It doesn’t matter how much you might dislike it, that is its main job.

I think that maybe you’re just a hip-hop-hating hip-hop-hating-hip-hop fan.
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Yeah, well, if, at some point in your life, it’s a way of life you would not do, then that comes out. If not that, if you are a true hip-hop-loving hip-hop fan, then you’re an idiot.

Let me ask again about the question about rap not being one genre. Is that a way to talk about it?

I’m talking about it as a means to say that it is a style. There may be a part of hip-hop where it is a style and there may not be, I’m sure there are people out there who don’t make it sound like that.

Is that how you want to talk about it so that people understand? That it is like a style or that it is like the way he does it, then there will be people who understand that? Are you saying you don’t like this kind of music?

No. It’s a style of music and there’s a difference between a style and a genre. You know, music is a way to tell stories. I

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