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Gangsta rap is a genre of music. It may sound like a hip-hop song, or like rap songs, but it is really just a bunch of beats, lyrics or rhymes. It’s all just beats, rhymes, hooks.

How does the style, or the genre, end up in the music industry?

It’s usually because of a song that was good and that people liked. It makes good sense to people who have heard the song and liked it.

Then the producers and the artists follow suit because the songs are popular, and the producers get the most money and the best success.

What do rap artists get from their lyrics?

If you say they’re good songs, they could be. It really depends on the artist. I think the best thing for a rapper is to be able to rap. Rap can come across as something that’s kind of mean or harsh. The truth is, there are some good rap words. It’s just how the person sounds.

You know what else can make a rapper sound mean? Saying it, which is what I mean by saying it. It can sound very hurtful or angry.

I hear what you’re saying. But let’s go back to your idea that what you mean by mean is “tough.” I think that’s all about the style. People don’t know how to say their sentences, so they start saying it like that.

Do you mean “tough” is a way to show off?

Tough and mean don’t mean much to the word itself. You can’t write it mean, unless you’re on a beat. It’s like saying to a friend, “I love you, bro.”

But if the person doesn’t mean to get the idea, the word might be used a certain way. That, in itself is fine.

But what you’re doing is saying, “Listen up, I like you and I’m gonna say everything.” That just makes for a mean song.

That sounds like you could get fined for saying “tough” because you’re using that word so loosely. But what do you do if someone says something mean? Or does it have to be in a sentence?

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That is where we get a real problem. We have to come out of what I call this “word-for-word,” which is the most common way an idiot says something in rap. It’s when they

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