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First of all, I can’t speak to how well “WINGS” and “GODDAMN” are doing so far, but I do have confidence the album is doing better than its predecessors. With the release of the 3rd single off his upcoming album “WINGS,” there are several new songs that come off as excellent.

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“WINGS (Feat Young Thug & Young Thug Jr)”

It’s just so fun. I really do feel like BTS is putting the final touches on “WINGS.” It’s really good and so fun to hear. But as an instrumental, this would probably be my personal fav track off the album, just like I feel like BTS is placing last touches on their EP. You know it’s gonna be good when it just screams about BTS. With their latest efforts, it seems like BTS is trying to do so much on an album while not having to limit themselves.


On “Sober” (the first song off my “WINGS” EP), the beats were so smooth and melodic that they are so close to being something to be heard. While I can’t say that in “Dope”, which is very much focused on vocal production and rapping, I do know “WINGS” is doing quite well on instrumentals. There are so many vocal instruments that it’s almost like BTS is working on their second album with all the tracks being vocals. While this does help take the shine off of the album, it’s not a bad thing, and does make it worth listening on its own.

“WINGS” and “Dope” are two songs that are getting a lot of attention on social media right now. I have heard quite a few people say that these tracks are better than the previous BTS songs, and that they really make them sound like a full album.

How Many Tracks Will The Album Have?

I haven’t been sure about that and how many tracks can fit on “Dope”. I just know that I want it to be a full album of a lot of songs. I mean, I know BTS has said that they want to make an album that is more varied to get listeners to pay attention but I feel like they might do this with their latest endeavor.

BTS is constantly having songs get much more attention than the previous release. If they want their next album to sell well, the tracks must be great

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