How old is hip hop?

According to hip hop fans and historians, it can trace its roots directly to the 1960s.

The hip hop of the ’60s was mostly focused on a sense of rebellion and rebellion against authority. The music had nothing to do with crime or violence or social problems or any bad things that other music had become associated with in the 1960s. For example, in the ’60s, the music was not associated with hippies, but with people who did drugs and got high.

What made hip hop more likely to attract younger listeners at the time was the sound. The sound was a combination of jazz, funk, soul, country, and even the occasional rock. These genres and sounds really helped draw in new listeners and helped create the concept of hip hop.

By the ’80s, rap culture had really taken over in South Central Los Angeles and New York. The music continued to be about being rebellious, but it was mostly associated with other genres. The songs were really about personal development and being free. In essence, they were about getting away from the culture-based criminal behavior that was rampant that was happening in those inner cities.

What was the hip hop movement like in the ’80s?

The music certainly wasn’t about drugs any more, and definitely didn’t include violent imagery. But it still had a lot of rebellious qualities.

We know that the music of the ’80s began to take off in the late 1990s, about the end of the first decade of the new millennium.

During the 1990s, hip hop began adopting more violence. Rap music was a little too violent, too rough, and, in a lot of places, just not quite right for the times. Hip hop started really being about expressing your individuality with your music, you know, being yourself as you are today, or not being yourself as you currently are.

Many hip hop listeners today, and a number of rappers, don’t like rap music and don’t want to listen to music as recorded by mainstream rap music listeners. If you say you don’t like rap music you are immediately accused of being a racist, homophobe. I think people just got fed up with the constant negativity being used against them because of their musical choices.

Brit Fox Rap Producer Hip Hop Beat Maker at her recording studio ...
When you say you don’t like rap music, what do you mean by that?

There’s been a lot of debates about the meaning and purpose of hip hop, whether it’s a music, a style