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Who invented it? What is it about hip hop that the media loves it so much? Listen, I’m the first to admit that Hip Hop is complicated. It’s an artistic genre that is deeply subjective. For example, there are rappers who call themselves rappers, while others only appear in rap videos. It’s a lot to keep track of sometimes. There’s a lot of music out there that could easily go under the “hip hop” umbrella, and the most popular ones probably belong to the artists who started the genre but are not as popular as they should be. But is Hip Hop really that different than any other form of music? We’ve all heard about the great musicians, artists and producers that have made it on this huge, diverse, musical tapestry, who we like to admire and respect but are usually dismissed as “pop music.” So let’s take a different approach and talk about “hip hop’s other side” and try and bring it more to light.

What is Hip Hop About?

There’s a lot of people getting the idea that Hip Hop is all about rapping. As if rapping was a unique and important part of hip hop. The idea that Hip Hop is really about rapping sounds true, the way that it is marketed to a wide audience. People need to understand that Hip Hop starts with music. There are so many different forms of music that people associate and look for in Hip Hop. But Hip Hop was just in it for the music. The music is its only focus. Everything else happens behind the scenes and in the background without being noticed. That’s why we can easily fall back to the notion that Hip Hop was started by a group of individuals. It’s definitely not all about rhymes and rapping. This is why Hip Hop never had a “famous rappers” or a “famous producer” or “famous artist” or “famous actor.” Hip Hop isn’t a bunch of people who made it big in the music industry and who are recognized by making big hits. It’s an entire group of people made up of many different styles of music and ideas that coalesced into a unified whole on the dance floor. Let’s look at five other main examples and talk about why each of them fit in with Hip Hop:

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1. Disco

Disco is also one of Hip Hop’s “original” forms, and one of its main inspirations. One thing that is unique to Disco is that the music has never been “classic” or established by the

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