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(a.k.a., what is it?)

As someone who has had a huge impact in hip hop culture, I can tell you this: no two rappers are alike. They all have different names, different stage names, and different personalities, but all rappers are equally talented, and that is not going to change now that there are over 500 of them.

I believe that there are two factors which affect the success of the hip hop artist or scene over time: the quality of a rap album and the quality of a guest musician.

To really get to know rappers, you have to go to show and see their songs. You might not understand what all they are saying or even how they are feeling on stage, but that’s only because the music you hear and the words you read are so different. It’s actually one or the other. It’s not necessarily a mix of the two because it’s often hard to listen to an album and not be blown away by the content.

So the question is, how do you know if a rapper is really talented or just a huge name with a catchy name like “Baby Face”? Here are my five signs that you should probably be looking beyond his name for a more accurate assessment of his talents and personality.

1) No one he’s not connected to has been on his album

I remember hearing about the rapper “Baby Face” who had a huge hit in 2012.

Then I found out that he had never played a show outside the North Carolina area.

To the average music fan, that seemed like a bit of an impossibility. After all, who isn’t familiar with the local talent that has been signed to the label who is only a name away from a potential future Top 20 hit? After hearing of Baby Face’s lack of playing in the major market, that led to the question “If he’s not connected to any of the established pros, what makes him more talented than the others? Is it his own talent or the fact that he’s not really famous?”

Well here’s the thing: there are rappers who are very known in the hip hop scene and there are rappers who are not.

When a song comes out, you can always tell what it is by listening to it for yourself. If it’s a great song, you might not care much whether the artist who produced the track, is a good songwriter in particular, or is a good rapper in general. If it’s a generic track

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