How much is a bar in rap? – How To Learn How To Rap Rap God Fast Part Clean

There are no easy numbers. The rap scene has been in constant flux for a decade now, and when hip-hop was young, a lot of rappers went back to school and got jobs in real estate to cover the tuition. As rappers have aged, though, they’ve started to play shows, and when you have hundreds of people paying money, someone is bound to overcharge.

How come rappers have always been greedy?

The rap business is a lot like any other hustle—it’s a business but it’s driven by greed. So you have guys who think their music is good, and there’s a bunch of people who don’t like it, and there are all of these other people who don’t know much about hip-hop who are paying $10 or more to just get in the back room and put on a few songs. Once they’re there, things start to go downhill, and there is no way back once that happens.

Do you think it helps that so many rappers have money?

Yes, definitely. Even Kanye’s music has a lot of free, ad-libbing freestyles that get passed around every now and then (I would bet about half of all Jay Z songs are ad-libs). In the old days, if you did not have money, you were out. You could barely get a ticket, because in the music business, they don’t just pay money to the people who know the most music. They pay to the people who can get most sales.

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