How much is 16 bars of a song?

“The thing is, with a great song you’re dealing in real things… a real life,” he explains. “It can be a life, but you’ve seen a great song, you’ve experienced it. It’s just hard to tell, and to judge.”

Drake has a keen eye for detail, and his career as a songwriter and performer is an impressive one. But will it be the real deal this year for the Toronto native? “The thing is, when you’re a songwriter you can think that you have some power to say where a song comes from,” he explains. “But ultimately I don’t. I’m really just making music. When we were working on “The Motto” we were trying to write the best song about me. I was sitting there in my room, sitting in my headphones, when I heard that “It’s Just a Call” by Future.

“I said to him later, we were thinking like, ‘Is this what it is? Is he our songwriter? Does Drake write for Future?”‘ he continues. “But we’ve heard it, we know exactly what the shit is going on. And I told him, ‘No. I don’t care what you do as a songwriter. As far as we know, you’re Drake.’ ”

That’s not to say there aren’t songs to put out in 2016, either. “I think with a lot of artists the song takes off in 2016,” he notes. “You’ve gotta try in your own way. It might be hard but it always is.”

When I wrote last week about the new study on the impact of the Great Recession on college graduates, I predicted that it would be a huge, but ultimately irrelevant, development. And now, four years later, that prediction has come true: there’s been a dramatic drop in the number of college students enrolling in four-year schools in the years since the recession. The number of U.S. college graduates in the post-recession workforce dropped by 5.4 percentage points, compared with 2008, a much more modest decline that fell within the margin of error of the study. And this fall has been particularly bad for African-American and Latino students, who are less likely than whites to enroll in college.

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