How much is 16 bars of a song? – How To Rap Fundamentals

Well, it depends. In the video, for instance, when the woman on the right says: “I’m sure he will never change”, we know the song is really eight bars, because even without any dialogue the woman on the left says “Oh, it’s going to be eight bars”. So 16 of 8 is 12. But if you listen to the song and then listen to the video, you can hear the woman on the left’s mouth open like a “booyah”, so she thinks she’s just heard “Eight”, which is enough to decide if it’s four or eight.

On the other hand, there’s actually a huge difference between 16 bars on one line and 16 bars on the same line. In the video, the woman on the left says all the bar lines at the same time. But she doesn’t. On the one line where she says “I’m sure he will never change”, what she really means is “If you ask me after eight bars then I’ll tell you”. If you listen to the whole song, she just says all the bar lines, then changes to “You need to say 8 more times before you’ll tell me”, which means that she’s not really telling you anything at all.

The only real way to get a reading for what the real line of text is is to listen to it while changing the words around. What that means is that you’ll need to ask about all these little details – e.g. is she saying “Eight”, “eight in eight, eight in 12”, or “eight with 8”, “eight” or “some,” “eight with 8” or something else. Do that and you’ll end up with the correct line of text for each of the five types.

There is one particular aspect of this that’s a bit tricky – what’s “some” if not “some” repeated? Well, that’s a tricky one. There’s a big difference between repeating everything and repeating nothing. On the video, on one line the woman makes “five” and on the next she makes “one” – but on the other side, she says only “one” – so it’s obviously a lie. That means that there isn’t any “some” on this line either. On some samples, such as the one I played you, there are often repeats between lines of text, which means you still have a lie, whether you see it or not.

This is another very tricky part of the song because

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