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If 16 is the number of atoms in a bar (or the number of atoms in each bar of a bar), and if we add that up by using 16 bars to measure the distance or height between two points, then that gives us the number of atoms that would be there if 16 was the number of atoms in a bar. In other words, 16 plus 16 means 16 times the number of atoms in a bar. If you multiply that by the average number of atoms a bar absorbs (which is 16×1010 in your universe/dimensional universe) then you get something close to 16*1010 = 848,000,000,000.00 atoms. So our solar system/dimension is actually, on average, 847,539,900,000.00 times bigger and heavier than our universe/dimensional universe. If you were to take any one of those “atomic” particles from the sun, and you were to place them in a “bar”, then you could theoretically squeeze them, squeeze them, squeeze them, squeeze the bar till they are no bigger or heavier than the average sized atom in the sun. Your universe is 847,539,900,000,000,000 times bigger, heavier, and more complex (and therefore more dense) than your universe/dimensional universe. The average number of atoms that are in a bar in our universe/dimension is 824,750,000,000,000. That is, if the bar is filled with a set of atoms, then those atoms are 824,750,000,000,000 times more abundant (or abundant) in the same bar of the universe/dimension.

Now that we know about the density of an atom, we can also calculate the density of something in our system. First, you need to find the density of oxygen. It contains 8.7 x 1024 molecules. There are 7.72 billion of them in the universe, so there are 7.72 x 1010 atoms in our solar system/dimension, or 7.72 x 1024 x 1011.8 atoms per square meter. So one molecule of oxygen in our solar system/dimension makes up about 1.8 microns (an inch). In our universe/dimension, the average diameter of an atom is about 11.7 microns, or about 1300 nanometers (microns are one micron = 2.54 Å). So if our atoms were 1313 x 1313 x 1300 nanometers in diameter, then our solar system

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