How many lines is 16 bars?

This is the standard for most common musical scales.

What is the most popular chord format for a band / bandleader?

For a lot of bands, especially when they want something specific to their music, it is not a question of one or the other; it is whether they want to include them as part of their chord changes.

Which notes on the C major scale in A minor show up exactly?

The C major scale (A minor pentatonic scale) is the same note sequence that the A major scale uses (from A to B to the fifth of D down to E).

Is there a more specific scale for rock guitar?

Here is the first four notes (A,B,C,D) from the D minor scale (D minor pentatonic scale), and I don’t know if there is a way to include them exactly.

What is the most popular chord format for lead guitar musicians?

When they are playing on the stage, most musicians make sure to include the most common chords that they understand as a part of their band.

Is there a standard chord notation for electric guitar?

The standard chord notation for electric guitars varies from player to player, but it does include all 4 notes of the scale.

A few weeks ago, we reported on a fascinating project headed by James Bond villain Sirhan Sirhan that, while apparently going nowhere for now, looks to be worth keeping track of.

While the project is still called “Bond” according to the domain name, it’s hard to see what would drive it beyond the film’s production company, Skyfall Productions. It’s unclear who actually owns the domain name “Bond” at the moment, but according to Google Maps of the address, it seems to be tied to London-based agency Wieden + Kennedy.

At some point before its original sale to Sirhan, the site hosted a blog written by director Sam Mendes that talked about the project. Although the title suggested that it was actually a “director’s cut” of the original film, it also made a few subtle references to “Bond” from the first Bond film that took place in 1964, Goldfinger.

The site was removed from the Web in February, although it was recently resurrected under another name — “” — which appears to be the domain name for a site that’s similar to

While the domain is still under