How many bars is a 3 minute song? – How To Freestyle Rap

It will certainly be a question that we have all had to face. For our next entry we will also have two answers that will give our listeners an idea about how many bars are in an entire dance-hall track.

The first question we will ask will be about a tune whose duration is about 60 seconds, in this case the tune is called, “Dirty Dancers”. We will then take into account the time taken for the sound to drop when the song ends and the remaining duration. Let us know in the comments if the answer is ‘three minutes is an incorrect figure’ or not.

The second of these calculations will be the total duration of the song which will then result in the correct answer.

The calculation for this song will be shown below:

The total time taken from the beginning of the song is approximately 13:57 seconds. If we take the whole song as it is, we will get the correct answer with approximately 4:05 minutes.

You can see that, for our calculations, we will need to estimate a couple of numbers. The total duration is about 120 seconds. Let us suppose that there is another song in the club called, “Gang Gang Dance” which features a total duration of 5 minutes, it takes approximately 5:25 minutes to complete (3.5 minutes if all the dance moves are performed in a single take). If we add those two numbers together we obtain the correct answer with roughly 2:30 minutes.

A more advanced calculation will also give us an indication about the number of dance moves that will take place during the song. We will have to make an estimation of those numbers as well as the rest of the song itself.

We will find out how many of the 16 steps in the song take place with the number of time from the start of the song to the end.

A full video of our analysis is available here:
Rap Music: Structure, Techniques & Tips - Video & Lesson ...

If you have any further questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we will attempt to answer them.

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