How fast can Eminem rap? – Flocabulary Science

Eminem is one of the fastest rappers out there. He usually starts off with a 5 second beat, but he’ll extend it up to around 7 seconds later in the verse.

In another song where he rapped 3 verses in one hour (Shady XV) he achieved a speed of 12 seconds. This is an amazing skill, really. I had heard that he did it, but I never thought of it myself. He also used similar techniques when he rapped “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” for a number of years.

Does he rhyme backwards?

I’d say he does, but you can probably tell by looking at a tracklist that he raps it forwards. In this case that means his lyrics are not really his own.

I saw he did the Eminem version of the “What’s My Name?” song

Eminem performed it in 2001 on the third night of the Super Bowl XXIX in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. He sang it backwards. I saw his performance because I was watching in awe of the spectacle (even better than the Super Bowl itself!)

What about the other rappers?

In 2004 Eminem and Jay-Z’s relationship was officially revealed in “The Eminem Show”. The song featured Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross as guests, and they did a song which was not only about the infamous video of Snoop doing the song, but it also featured Eminem singing the lyrics “If you wanna have an affair with me in the back seat of the white cab, then get in my car”. The show’s producer Jay Rock did this to promote Eminem and he said in an interview that he had “done it because Eminem called me up and said, ‘Hey man, wanna start something?’ He really, really wanted to talk about it”. This proved to be one of the most controversial topics in hip-hop in 2006, until Eminem came out in an autobiography that claimed that he had nothing to do with the title.

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