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A lot of it is about a feeling. A lot of it involves my own emotions. Then I’ll add rhymes to it. In the beginning, he was really a rapper. He was in school. He was doing pretty good rapping. I wanted him to look up to me. So as a rap starter, what I did is get him to the hood. I put [some of the verses] in the “Ghetto Rap” book. He listened and then I said, “Okay let’s try this with other groups.” I told him, “I love you, man,” and he heard something from a friend of mine that it was a good rhyme for, I guess, the rest of the team. So I told him I was going to take a sample from that song and put that on the track. I’d also say, “Let’s drop this, this isn’t going to be a classic. This one’s a little darker, but that’s alright, keep it as what it is. Let’s go back,” like my little strategy for him to not get too serious.

Do you ever worry about the type of rapper he will be when he is on the big time?

[Laughs.] This question comes up a lot. Not only did he always want to be good at the rap game. It was a goal he set for himself. If he came in with the right attitude, he’d be better than a lot of rappers that came in the first couple of years. It is always a thing. I’ve seen him try to become successful, but he’s never put all the time and effort in that he should have. In a lot of ways, I believe what he does now is what made him successful.

When did you start working on the songs that came out with “Ghetto Rappers” and when did you start to really get interested in the whole rap scene?

I didn’t really start to really start to take more of a interest until [1999]. Then I heard a little bit. When I started to get into rap, I was into rap in elementary school. I started to see people who came out of the hood. I saw it as a part of my culture. And then I’d go to my friend’s house and we’d rap for hours. That was when the “Ghetto Rappers” came out. It was probably that first week that I heard, and then it became this big thing.

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