How do you properly rap?

How do you take notes in a live show? How much do you know in order to write a successful song?

Mentally. Rap is not just about the words, it has to be the songs. I know it sounds strange but every single day you are going to hear someone be successful because they are writing songs. I never knew it was that important because I thought it was just about words.

How do you get inspiration or do you use something specific to get that feeling?

I use an article that I read everyday to start my day. I read it two times in the morning and one of them is the most important. Once I start the day by reading the article I know it is important. It will get me starting to write again so it takes less time but I think it is the best kind of inspiration.

How do you feel having your name come out of the song? The song is still in its development stages and your song title is still being worked on…

When people first start working with someone, there is a big process and they will change the title. Then it happens on a weekly basis. There is also a big process over the years. It gets pretty old in just years. At one point it was all just about writing songs – I was in the studio seven days a week. I was a complete jack of all trades – I had to be a great musician, a great musician with good ear for melodies – I don’t think some people can come through the whole process in a day, it’s just not possible. The process is long but when you have it done right it still makes a whole album.

How did you come to the idea of the title? Is it really about a dream of yours, or is it more about you being in the studio?

I wanted to put this song to bed and have some time. I didn’t want to be working for three months because it was really hard to get a break sometimes. It’s funny, it’s funny how it works out because I would usually put a lot of focus on one song… I did get a break and the next song came out… and it didn’t do as good as the one before. So I wrote another one because there were a lot of problems with the last one to me. Sometimes the process can be really fast, sometimes it’s not and I would like to come back to this one more…

What is your favorite thing to do between songs?