How do I sell my first beat? – What Does It Mean To Rap On Beat

I really like selling first beat. But there is a problem. It must be in my favorite song at least twice. And they must be similar or related. I think if they are different you’re good to go

How do I know if my beat will work?

I use different techniques when working with new artists. Like, if an artist wants to listen to music in another language then I do not mix the beat or do not mix with it. For example, I mix with Latin music and with Hip Hop (English or Spanish)

I can’t understand what you say,

I just can’t understand you as a rapper,
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I’ll give you my opinion, if there’s no problem,

Then you can do whatever you like.

Is it okay if I take a beat from a group or other rappers I like and give you for free?

It depends on what kind of remix you want to do. To me if you want to mix it, then fine. But if you want to sell a beat, then we will have to talk about it. Or you can have a problem with me because the beat is not like what you like. I am happy if you want to mix with me. But please understand that I don’t make money with mixes, especially with rappers or other rappers. I always mix with them as a solo artist. So, I will give you the beat for free if you want. And also it might be free for every one if you want to remix the beat

Can I use your sample?

Yes. Please contact me. I am happy if you would like to use my sample. But you have to tell me right after what you were trying to do. How do you see it? It could be different or it could be good.

Where can I find you?

I live in Amsterdam.

How can I keep in touch?

I’m in contact with all my fans all over the world. You can find me on Instagram:

I will get in touch on facebook:

Why do you use a special name for your brand?

I believe that people who use my brand know me by this, not “Carl Wong”. And my fans know me by this. And I believe that these people love me because this is a name

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