How did gangsta rap start? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Newspaper Journal

Was it a matter of one person going to the right place at the right time to take this music seriously, or did it take all those who followed it over years of work to get where they are now?

“Back then, I used to go to the recording studio with my friends every week or so and just lay on the couch listening to music, and it wasn’t just rap—it was almost anything that made you feel good, and whatever it was, like ‘Livin’ La Vida Low’ or something, it just kept on happening. People didn’t know exactly what to make of it—they thought it was hip-hop or something—but people kept getting excited. It was more just people being excited for my music.”

What is it about your music that has gotten you so popular?

“It was the first time I knew I could actually make music, and it was also the first time that I ever started listening to it in a positive way. So every time we started our own record label, I started listening to the music that I want to make, which was all of my stuff. And after a while I realized that there’s one artist that really stood out to me over the years. But I just really want to be honest—I don’t know…

“One of my favorite rappers is Tupac, and he had a very strong style back then. There was also another rapper that really stood out to me, called “The Clipse,” and back then he was just out of prison, and he had a hit record, and everyone was talking about it, but I wasn’t excited to listen to it because I had to go write records. So I just kept liking whatever I felt like, and then I started listening to a bunch of other shit that was just cool. So in a weird way that was really my first introduction to hip-hop.”

Was the music you were playing on MTV back then that was the one that got you into rap? Why is that? And what do you think of Jay-Z’s new album?

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“Yeah, it definitely became this thing. The first time I ever listened to Jay-Z was like nine or ten years ago, which is when I first took up rap, because I liked The Black Album and the first album from the Clipse. I was obsessed with that shit. It was a fun time for me, I had my first girlfriend, and I was living all the time in my

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