How can I make music for free?

I’m tired of paying for music.

There are plenty of ways to monetize music – through playlists, sales, and royalties. You have to decide whether your work deserves free or paid options first. Paying for music is just one way to make money for non-experienced composers. While the process of deciding whether or not your work is worthy of your time is crucial, some other factors should be considered.

Your production is an opportunity – you don’t get paid unless your music makes a song.

What do most musicians do? They pay licensing fees. It’s no different for songwriters and electronic music artists. If you want to take a few extra measures to ensure you are paying as little to licensing the public domain music as possible, consider getting your music licensed for free. If you want to pay for your music, your first step should be to do online research and compare licensing options.

What is a licensing fee?

A licensing fee is a fee that a content supplier, such as Google, pays each time a listener clicks on a music file for free, or for a discounted sale price from a music store.

Google is not just interested in ensuring you do not generate a revenue stream, it is about protecting the music industry. After all, it makes money off advertising. It’s okay if you don’t get a huge profit on your music (especially if you make no money at all at all), but the music industry has a reason for fighting for your fair share of the pie – not to mention that the music industry was created with music being a major contributor to sales of goods and services.

Are you making a living?

It’s never too early to start assessing your compensation. You’ll want to do your research to get a better idea of how much you’re likely to make. You need to determine how much you need, and how much your work pays to you. In the end, all of the math is easy for you to do yourself, or you can do it for someone else by consulting our free music finance templates and comparing rates, as well as consulting with other freelance music composers who are already working for free.

Are you willing to put your music out there?

Once you have decided which option is best for you, you need to decide, as a professional composer, how much you have the time and flexibility to work on music. I’ll provide some examples of songs that are free of charge.