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As someone who plays a lot of tabletop RPGs, there are always some cool things I’d like to do when I play a game using a role-playing game module or other RPG components. I’d like to be able to use my PC to play some sort of “tactic combat” game where I can pick the outcome of combat encounters just by looking at what is going on. Since I play a lot of tabletop games, I’ve always wanted a module where I can play “combat” or similar tactics combat situations like in a video game or a tabletop game.

I was able to buy the “The Storyteller” module from the Kickstarter. While I liked the module a lot, it is still incomplete. My goals are to complete the module, add more modules, and to offer free PDFs in the future, if there is enough funding. I had great reviews out of the modules I had played but it was not complete. I have two new modules planned for the next year. It is my hope that all my backers will contribute to completing these modules and if they are willing to do so, I can offer new PDFs and free modules in the future. However that is a big ask for me; I like to keep things simple. I feel like I should charge for my PDFs and for my free PDFs, but if I can help out a little more, I’d be grateful!

I have created an image that demonstrates some of the basic combat scenarios in the module, and some of the possible types of battles you could use to play “battle tactics” for a RPG module or RPG game. As you can see, it is really a lot to print one of these. You will notice in the image that there is a separate PDF containing the Battle Table of the module. The PDF contains tables for each combat scenario. In this picture, you can see three scenarios; one for a battle of the imagination, another for combat of the mind, and one with a battle of “what-have-you.” Please note that the battle tactics example is based on a PC fighting a goblin.

If you’d like to purchase the pdf of “The Storyteller” module, just hit the “BACK THIS PROJECT!” button on the top right of the page. I am offering the PDFs as a pledge reward through PayPal. Each pdf is limited for my first run. I plan to release the PDFs for download in August. After printing about 150 pages, I will distribute the pdf

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